Mythbusters' Grant Imahara reverse engineers McDonald's fries and learns they have 19 ingredients

Grant Imahara visited McDonald's fry factory and found out what they are made of. Keep in mind this video series was made by McDonald's and I don't know if McDonald's had a final say on what went into it, but it's still interesting to see how these fries are made and how many ingredients are used to make them: 19 (really, 14, since some of the ingredients are used twice during the process).

Last night, my wife roasted potato slices and the only ingredients she used were potatoes, olive oil, and salt. They tasted great.

UPDATE: See my post comparing the ingredients used to make fries in the US and the UK.

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  1. Ah yes, but did your wife serve billions and billions?

  2. It's the whole industrial versus home cooking thing. You make french fries at home you slice up some potatoes and you fry them. You don't have to preserve them or ship them or keep them warm for an hour after you cook them.

    This is pretty much what people are opposed to about industrial food processing is that all the preservatives and additives might keep it looking pretty longer, store longer, taste consistently the same each time you eat it even though the people doing the cooking are totally untrained at cooking but at what cost to the nutrition and to our health?

  3. Say what you want. But to me, it just isn't a french fry without the polydimethylsiloxane.

  4. daneel says:

    I'd watch Mythbusters if someone would go and re-edit every episode to put each segments into one complete bit and remove all the recaps and teasers. I find it utterly unwatchable as is. Each episode is at least twice as long as it has content for, even before you consider all the adverts.

  5. "Grant Imahara reverse engineers McDonald's fries"

    If he visited the factory and was told what the ingredients and how they were used it wasn't reverse engineering.

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