Street Angel: That Explains Everything!

Can Jesse and Inti strike a deal or is Angel City stuck with Cortez and his time-displaced crew of Conquistadors? Will Cosmick realize where he is before it's too late? Find out in the stunning conclusion of Inca Dinka Doom!

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SA_BoingBoing_coverThe Street Angel graphic novel is available on Amazon and in comic book shops and on screens at Comixology. Find more of Jim Rugg's artwork at,, and Twitter@jimrugg.


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  1. No1 says:

    Apologies, but seeing this does not sell the comic to me. I think the artist has a nice style but is hardly challenging themselves in terms of composition or technique. They have a good basic knowledge of drawing but nothing spectacularly different to other work I have seen, the inking is a little slapdash. The story seems to be fairly average and the script seems clichéd but since it is only an excerpt I can't judge the entire work... obviously. I don't really understand why Bing Bong is making such a big deal out of this particular comic.

  2. miasm says:

    You can tap ash on the carpet, spill your drink on the host and insult the blog, but please, don't apologise.

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