Frozen Foster Beach, Chicago: cool photos shared by a Boing Boing reader


A fun spot in Chicago to hang and picnic during the summer becomes a surreal ice-scape during wintry weather.

Foster Beach, shot in a series of images by Boing Boing reader Bill Guerriero, and shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool.

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  1. Fist-bump to the north sider. smile

    I was just thinking about the Swedish Bakery, because I was eating some egg bread I made last night (not brioche or challah....exactly like the egg bread sold at that bakery).

  2. Ha, thank you so much!

    Yum! Every Saturday I take a walk up to Swedish Bakery and get something sweet with a lil cup of coffee and people-watch from their window.

    Thanks for the sweet comments:)

  3. That last photo in particular is incredible. Great work!

  4. Oh, yes. Photography isn't my full-time job, but I'm always thinking about it or doing it. Here's a few shots/stories that I'm proud of.

    I won the Chicago Reader photo contest in 2012

    This was a nice lil 2-page spread in CS Modern Luxury magazine. From our deeeeeep freeze last year.

    Yay! Went to Foster Beach this morning and had a great time. The lake was still and the air wasn't as cold as yesterday. If you want to check out my stuff on Flickr, my handle is billeguerriero on there. That's where I post the stuff I'm working on: )

    Cheers, bud, and have a lovely weekend. Are you gonna check out one of the Lunar New Year parades? I'm gonna go photograph the North Side parade on Saturday. We live pretty close to the Argyle stop, where the parade starts.

  5. We live on a weirdly beautiful planet.

    I hope some people manage to make it to Mars someday. Even if they die there, they should be able to get some awesome shots. Or at the very least, selfies with a cool background.

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