Hot Yoga douchebag Bikram Choudhury faces new claims of rape and sexual assault

“A day of legal reckoning is drawing closer” for “hot yoga” profiteer Bikram Choudhury, reports the New York Times.

The self-styled guru faces no fewer than six civil lawsuits from women who accuse him of rape or assault.

Seminar_1The most recent was filed on Feb. 13 by a Canadian yogi, Jill Lawler, who said she was raped by Mr. Choudhury during a teacher-training in the spring of 2010. This month, a Los Angeles judge cleared away several challenges to a lawsuit from a former student who said Mr. Choudhury raped her during another 2010 teacher-training. The first complaint was filed two years ago. As more surfaced, and more women spoke publicly about accusations of assault and harassment, their accounts have created fissures in the close-knit world of yoga students and teachers who have spent thousands of dollars to study with Mr. Choudhury; opened studios bearing his name; and found strength, flexibility and health in his formula of 26 yoga postures in a sweltering room.

Schism Emerges in Bikram Yoga Empire Amid Claims of Rape and Assault []

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  1. Hot Yoga is about as spiritual as a gym. Oh my gosh, a douche at the gym who thinks he's deep and has fooled some people into believing it? And he turns out to be a rapist? Predators man, they like followers.

    I hope his karma catches up with him.

  2. Prison rape jokes are part of the problem. You're not helping. You're furthering rape culture. There are other ways to punish people. More rape and violence is not one of them. As someone who has been sexually assaulted and raped herself, I implore you to consider your words more carefully. I do not want this kind of "support". It is not at all helpful and indeed it just makes it worse.

  3. They come in all kinds. You can definitely find yoga classes that are all about breathing, stretching and balance. You can also find ones where the person doing it thinks it is a deep spiritual experience.

    Unsurprisingly, you can find some that are an excuse for the instructor to find rape victims.

    But if Bikram Choudhury is facing, "new claims" of rape and sexual assault, this reminds me of a recent brilliant remark by Jay Leno (of all people) on Bill Cosby: "In Saudi Arabia you need two women to testify against a man, apparently in America you need 25." How many "claims" of rape and sexual assault is it going to take?

  4. No1 says:

    This paradigm is not uncommon.

    My now young adult daughter is very very good at martial arts. Twice now in two different schools in a town in England she has found the male leaders of the 'dojos' have a real problem with her personally. The first one actually physically attacked her, after the Master of the entire discipline they were learning, at the central dojo in Japan, favoured her over him, bestowing her with a special name - a rare privilege.

    Her visiting 'school' leader completely lost it with her back at the hotel room. She defended herself and prevented the situation from escalating then left and had to adapt to spending the rest of the visit alone in Japan.

    Back in England - no apologies, no remorse. And now she had nowhere to train.

    Recently she found another school. And the same shit is happening. The 'leader' of this school has already singled her out in an utterly unprofessional way and it's obvious he has a problem with her.

    This is the danger of people who are not spiritually developed adopting disciplines that are associated with spirituality, personal moral development and, well, discipline. Any person with low motives can do the moves, then completely misuse that power.

    It's so frustrating for her. I asked her if maybe she could start her own school, because it seems there isn't actually one that is run by someone who is personally or morally equipped to handle such a responsibility.

  5. Zoomba is aerobic dancing to music. It's pretty much the opposite of yoga.

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