Map pins pop songs that mention cities


Map maker Javier Arce created a world map locating 212 cities referenced in 7,681 pop songs. Click on a city and you can instantly play the related songs through Spotify.

To create this map Javier extracted a list of the cities with their respective countries and created a table. Then he geocoded that table to get the position of each city on the map.

Next, he extracted all the song information in the main article using regular expressions and infinite amounts of patience. It generated a CSV file that he imported into his CartoDB account. Javier ended up having a table that contained the name of the song, the author, and the city.

Music Map Mashup [CartoDB Blog]

Notable Replies

  1. Nothing for Atlanta, despite it being the epicenter of Dirty South hip hop. If nothing else, it was on the list in Living in America. So, F.

  2. I dunno if this is a pop song,

    But Toronto sure loved it

  3. They have 'Panic' under London but not Birmingham, Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee or Leeds.

    If it's songs about Towns/Cities, then they are missing 'Dirty Old Town' under Salford.

    Edit: I never miss the opportunity for a Manics song. Here's one named after Hugheskova/Yuzovka/Donetsk

  4. Server not found

    Firefox can't find the server at

    I think we broke it, dudes.

  5. Don't mind us angry pendants, as that's sort of what we do here... It's hella-impressive with over 7000 pop songs! Cool stuff!

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