Beauty tips for male Lego execs

Hugh writes, "Lego published annoying 'beauty tips' for young girls; Elbe Spurling has a nice response: beauty tips for male Lego executives."

Lego Friends, according to the Lego website, is meant for children ages 5 to 12. Children far too young to be told by the oval-faced (of course) Lego “Friend” Emma that little girls with square faces need a haircut to “soften the edges of your face” while the unfortunate long-faced girls — remember, ages 5 to 12 — can get a haircut to “help your face appear slightly shorter.”

I checked. In this issue, at least, there’s no advice to help a traditional Lego minifig choose the right plastic hair to emphasize or soften the manly jawline on his or her yellow-cylinder-shaped head.

Beauty Tips for Girls, From Lego [Sharon Holbrook/NYT]

(Thanks, Hugh!)

Notable Replies

  1. As much as I love the snarky response I'd really like to know who at Lego came up with this and what rock they've been hiding under for the past decade or so. Haven't we been through this? Has Lego learned nothing from previous cases? It seems like for the step forward they took they've taken two back.

  2. Naaa. Clever concept, but it's much too hostile to be funny.

    Also, is the Boing Boing broken? I haven't seen the front page change in 7 hours.

  3. Y'know, maybe it is hostile. But also maybe we're a little tired of having our pre-pubescent daughters told how to make themselves attractive to males. Lego's certainly not the first.

  4. Oh, it's worse than you think. I even use that term to refer to the Mega Bloks products which are mixed throughout the bins of Lego bricks in an act of blatant miscegenation.

  5. All this girl ever wanted out of her Legos were more girl-hair pieces. That is literally all I needed to make everything I wanted.

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