Spielberg to direct Ready Player One movie


A film of Ready Player One, Ernest Cline's excellent sci-fi novel about a virtual reality treasure hunt that turns lethal, will be directed by the legendary filmmaker. Deadline reports on his first flick with Warner Bros. in 14 years.

With this news, a question arises about how they will bring a key element of the book’s virtual world to life for the big screen. After all, it seems imperative for the audience to feel like they were dropped into the middle of a video game.

That kind of technology is just becoming available, and if these guys implement that, this could change the face of cinema. The studio has been on the cutting edge of this kind of thing before, pushing the envelope with technology and visual effects with such films as The Lego Movie, Inception and The Matrix – all with great results. If anyone can pull it off again, it will be these guys.

RPO is about a dead VR mogul's fortune, concealed in a vast online world, and the kids desperate--not least because of their real-world poverty or other circumstances--to find it. The contradictions of utopia, reality, virtuality and mundanity are threaded throughout, but it's a fast-paced YA yarn too; read Mark's review for more.

I hope Spielberg shoots some straight-up cinema and skips the lure of extravagant 3D gimmicks, let alone actual VR. It's a timely story, but doesn't need to end up a thing of its time.

Book art: readyplayerone.com

Notable Replies

  1. Spielberg better give a cameo to Cory (and Wil Wheaton)!

    Also curious if he'll keep the preachy atheist stuff from the book. Somehow I doubt it.

  2. I was scared, I read it first as:

    Spielberg to direct Real Player movie

  3. That's exactly why I loved the book.

  4. You can get to it today, bro, and you should, it's pure fun!

  5. Lion says:

    I get why people like the book, and am glad people found something they like. Personally , though, the number of 80s references thrown at me just got to be too much.

    Plus, I'm the kind of person who "does the math" on things, even subconciously. If you "do the math" on all the things Wade said he watched and did, he'd have been in his mid 30s. 40s if he actually slept.

    The 80s was a big decade full of a lot.

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