Video: teeth replaced with bottle opener implants

Rugby players in Argentina had teeth replaced with bottle opener tooth implants all in the name of marketing for a beer company. Ah, money. Video not for the dentally squeamish. (Adweek, thanks, David Steinberg!)


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  1. I wonder if the people who do this sort of thing ever stop to consider how great that metal tooth will be in five years time?

    Oh well. Off to the doctor to get that Fleshlight Forearm removed...

  2. LDoBe says:

    Tell me about it. I've ground down my canines into useless flat pegs that hurt whenever I eat anything too hot or cold.

    I've spoken with numerous dentists about it, and they all recommend against getting crowns or caps for them, and they don't recommend pulling them out and replacing them with an implant either. They're all wait-and-see, and say the most likely thing to happen is that I'll eventually need a root canal some day, and the canines can be replaced when that happens.

  3. I imagine the truly unhealthy part of this is repeatedly putting extreme leveraged stress on the steel pin embedded in your jaw bone.

    And doing it while drinking beer seems like a recipe for a catastrophic failure at some point down the line.

    I try to avoid reconstructive surgery on all parts of my skull.

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