Smartass explains why "Work Intelligent" poster is stupid

This is funny. [via]

Notable Replies

  1. Super sliders.

  2. In this case, our so-called intelligent worker has delivered an object that won't stack.

  3. Your cute stack of balls has a berm to keep it from rolling all over the table and onto the floor. These poor workers live in Flatland, where berms are imaginary.

  4. Ratel says:

    If the ultimate goal was to deliver the whole cube...

    The "Goal" is to get the semi-sentient slobs in management to sign off on your half-assed motivational poster to promote their half-assed morale-improvement-without-actually-paying-people-more scheme while doing a bare minimum amount of work or intelligenting. In a way the poster is a perfect representation of the graphic artist's job.

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