Step on a beach in Waikiki after midnight and you'll receive a criminal citation


No more midnight strolls along the beach for anyone in the Waikiki, Honolulu vicinity. Do so, and you'll receive a criminal citation, and a mark on your criminal record as well. You'll also have to show up for court at a later time, which is especially tricky for tourists, who may already have a return flight home before their court date. If you're planning a summer beach trip,  check local laws regarding beach hours before hitting the surf!

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  1. When did Hawaii become East Germany? The only reason to make that interminable flight is to sit under the stars on the beaches of paradise at night and listen to the surf roll in and out. If they've criminalized that, screw 'em, I'll take my money to the Caribbean. Closer anyhow. Bastards think just because Congress blatantly stole the islands from the natives, it's now their private property. Here's hoping a storm washes away the houses of the bottom-feeding lowlifes who voted in favor of this asinine law.

  2. The same time that a lot of places made it illegal to feed the homeless. This article reads more of a "don't let the homeless sleep on the beach" more than a "get away from the sand, you crazy kids!"

    This is a problem bigger than just Hawaii.

  3. aeon says:

    Come to New Zealand and walk our beaches after dark, feel free.

  4. "Book 'em, Danno! Intertidal Trespass One!"

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