Why there's no such thing as writer's block

orullianPeter Orullian wears many hats. He is an author, musician, and has worked for many years at Microsoft on the XBox team. Today we talk about his series The Vault of Heaven, get the scoop on his all-time favorite music, and hear why Peter believes there is no such thing as writer's block.

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  1. I love BoingBoing and have for years, so much so that I get an RSS feed of the stories. But it's disappointing to click on a story with a title like "Why There's No Such Thing as Writer's Block" and find that I have to wade through a podcast to find the answer.
    I suggest that titles mention that a post is a link to a podcast if that's really what a post is about. Maybe something like "Podcast: Why There's No Such Thing as Writer's Block" in this case. I think I've seen some posts titled that way before on BB. Best, OO

  2. I haven't listened, yet, but these seem to be the most common interruptions for me:

    • Stopped because sick/ because suffering worse arm pain/ because suffering worse migraines/ etc.

    • Stopped because busy with something else.

    • Stopped because changing interests.

    • Couldn't continue because couldn't find info I needed: unavailable, only available at ridiculous costs, proxy data inadaquate, etc.

    • Couldn't restart quickly because couldn't organize notes.

    • Can't think of a solution to lack of data.

    • Going in circles trying several inadaquate solutions to lack of data and trying some again because need solution somehow.

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