What programming language should you learn?


Udacity created an infographic about different programming languages, showing their popularity over time, their applications, and the average salary one might expect from becoming proficient in one of the languages. Python often appears at the top of the different lists.

(Here's a good book called Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming, which I used to learn how to write a nontransitive dice simulation.)

High-resolution infographic.

Notable Replies

  1. This is exactly right.

    Likewise, studying MatLab or R primarily qualifies you for a career in data analytics.

    No. MATH qualifies you for a career in data analytics. MatLab and R are useful tools you will use along the way.

    Statistically, people who buy oil paints frequently have a career as artists. Buying oil paints does not qualify you to be an artist.

  2. No Basic, Logo or Actionscript? Boy, have I chosen wrong in life.

  3. C has a status somewhat like a classical spoken / written language, in that many subsequent languages were designed and implemented in C, and educational models for other languages (e.g. "Hello, World"), are modeled from educational models pioneered within C education.

    My two unsigned ints on the matter.

  4. Perl, written badly, procedurally converted to python, then converted back.

    It is the only true whey.

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