Secret of Qwerty is a 'typing RPG' that will steal your whole afternoon

I admit: as someone who clocks in at about 120 words per minute I have a special affection for typing games. Deprived of virtually all other reflex skills or precision aiming, it is fun to feel good at something. Since childhood there have always been games, from Mavis Beacon to Typing of the Dead, that let me excel at my one main gift.

Now, developer Cannibal Cat Software has crossed Typing of the Dead with Dragon Warrior, and the result is Secret of Qwerty, an old-school RPG where you fight mean trees and ghosts and things by typing at them. You explore a map and some dungeons, gather gold and buy equipment, and I am really, really into it. You probably will be too.


It's the loving little touches—the intentional homage to the bad translations of ancient Nintendo games, the self-managing statistics, the easy saves, that make this one such a pleasure. You start the game at HOMEROW CASTLE. Come on that is so cute isn't it sghfjdghdj.

Secret of Qwerty is a small download, for free or pay-what-you-want. If you, too, love typing games, also check out Monologue, a clever little jam game about having to finish your victory speech before a train runs over the rival you've tied to the tracks.

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  1. I haven't played it, as typing games are the devil's work. "Edutainment " but I digress. I'm pretty sure the screenshot is a idocracy quote nod. "Welcome to Costco, I love you."

  2. Looks like so much fun! But, what? Windows only?

  3. I would suggest playing Turing Adventure, 3D escape room title where you have to convince your roommate robot in 5 minutes to help you disarm ticking bomb. Turing Adventure was a winner of Colossal Leap Award in this year's Gamejolt's Adventure Game Jam.

    "This award is given by our panel of judges to an entry that pushes the envelope of adventure gaming in some unique way, opening a new door to the ever evolving world of adventure gaming."

    Jury was consisted of Kentucky Route Zero, Gods Will Be Watching and Quest for Infamy creators.

    I almost forgot a link to it:


  4. I'm with you. As someone of the "Final Fantasy IV to VI are the pinnacle of the genre" persuasion, I found this intriguing.

    As someone not currently using Windows, my reaction to the "name your price to download" screen appearing before the "will I be able to play this" information was this:

    Is your game Windows only, game making person? May I suggest using your awesomely game-honed typing skills to type "Windows only" right there in the description. It would be appreciated.

  5. This is why non-resource intensive games should all be in the browser anyways.

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