A travel pillow that might actually work

I have a hard time sleeping on a plane. As soon as I nod off, my head drops and I startle myself awake. I've tried those horseshoe pillows but they don't work very well for me. The JetComfy is a travel pillow that looks like it might allow me to sleep comfortably on a plane. It's cushion on a pole that clamps to the arm rest. You rest your head on it and fall into a deep slumber. I hope that's what happens, at least. It also contains a USB battery to charge your devices and a compartment that holds a combination pen/stylus/light. Pre-sale cost is $65 on Kickstarter.

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  1. It looks like it prevents both passengers from using the armrest it's anchored to.

    If you thought air travelers got pissy over Knee Defenders, imagine the job of sitting in a middle seat between two people using these, taking up both your armrests.

  2. daneel says:

  3. Sit next to someone big. Have a pretend phone conversation before take off in which you discuss how unrepentant you are for killing all those people. Congratulations, you've scored a very comfortable pillow for the rest of the flight.

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