Hitler's drug habit wilder than widely known

I love reading about all the drugs Hitler was on and the implication that his insane medical treatments made him even crazier and nastier than he otherwise was. Andrea Maurer takes a deep dive into the "High Hitler" story and finds it to be even more disturbing than popularly understood.


What does this mean for Hitler? “The drugs probably offered Hitler the option to stay in the state of delusion he needed to commit such evil crimes,” but there is still no excuse. “I believe in the principle ‘actio libera in causa’—whoever planned a crime is guilty of it.” There is no doubt about Hitler’s guilt; he planned the mass murder of six million people well before he began using drugs. The “total rush,” the loss of reality and megalomania have always been his state of mind—the state of mind of a vegetarian mass murderer who died a sickly junkie.

Writing this down. "Shots of pig hormones before speeches."

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  1. Great, the vegetarian canard again.

    It sounds like the drugs were a way to get back the feeling he had in the beginning when he was orchestrating and executing his plans. So no, the drugs aren't an excuse, they're actually proof that he got off on torturing and killing people.

  2. Hitler, of course, thanks to the advanced technology of Germany, was among the first human beings to turn their brains to cobwebs with amphetamine. He actually chewed on carpets, they say. Yum yum.

    -Kurt Vonnegut, Hocus Pocus

  3. "Shots of pig hormones before speeches."

    So THAT'S what Cameron was doing!

  4. We´re so lucky, this War on Drugs thing could really have gone overboard otherwise.

  5. I know just a little French, but my girlfriend is trained in French linguistics and I mentioned the phrase, "Antisemitic canard." She just looked at me for an eternity. Finally, we played Questions:

    "What what?"
    "An antisemitic what?"
    "An antisemitic canard?"
    "What's an antisemitic canard?"
    "That Jews start all the wars?"
    "How is that a duck?"
    "How is that a what?"
    "A duck, how is that a duck?"
    "What the hell are you talking about?"
    "What the hell are you talking about?"


    Best. Conversation. Of my life.

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