A tall smokestack collapsed on an excavator, and a drone filmed it

This 115-year-old smokestack in Pell City, Alabama didn't go down without a fight. The 158-foot chimney survived two attempts to demolish it with explosives. That's when Tim Phifer was brought in to knock it over with an excavator. But in a final throe of resistentialism, the smokestack decided to collapse on the backhoe burying it in 2.6 million pounds of rubble. Fortunately, Mr. Phifer survived the attempt on his life.

Notable Replies

  1. Who is doing their graphics placement? That person needs to be in a different job.

  2. The placement of that ad is so stupid, it's actually impressive.

    Seems the video can be found in lots of other places on YouTube, though:

  3. If explosives don't solve your problem, use MORE explosives.
    Repeat until problem solved.

  4. Someone who is trying to keep the real cause of the collapse secret, that's who.

  5. This event demonstrates the danger posed by second-hand smokestack.

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