Plaid Lumberjack Cake

Redditor Two Plus Two is Fore thinks it was made by stacking and frosting different-colored sheet cakes, cut into rings and combined to make the pattern.

Update: We have a source!

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  1. TobinL says:

    calling @japhroaig I think you have a new project.

  2. That is insane. How do you... The bark...? How is that axe balanced there...? There must be the corpses of a thousand cakes behind that photo.

  3. jddrew says:

    There are cake pans you can get that have circular, removable dividers in them. You pour in different colors of batter and then remove the divider before baking.

    Here's a link:

    To make the plaid effect just takes a little planning of the colors.

  4. You can only cut lumberjack cake with a marzipan axe.

  5. It's a lumbercake and it's OK,
    It tastes alright but it takes all day.

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