Texas' state run psychiatric hospitals are now gun friendly

An unintentional oversight in a new Texas law, enabling open-carry advocates to make the world even more dangerous, has opened up Texas state run psychiatric hospitals to guns. Formerly even law enforcement officers would lock up their guns before entering, now everyone is free to defend themselves.

This from the Austin American-Statesman:

Licensed gun owners can now bring their firearms into Texas’ 10 state psychiatric hospitals.

Before the state’s new open carry law went into effect, guns were banned at those state facilities. No one — visitors, deliverymen and the like — could bring firearms anywhere on campus. Even local law enforcement officers, who were already allowed to bring their weapons into the facilities, regularly lock up their guns before entering Austin State Hospital out of an abundance of caution.

Now visitors can bring guns into the buildings where patients live. Employees are still prohibited from bringing them on campus.

The stars at night, are big and bright. Makes it easier to aim.

Notable Replies

  1. "What could possibly go wrong?"

  2. I worked food service at a hospital. Our department got written up for sending real silverware or china up to a psychiatric ward whether a patient got their hands on it or not. Same with aluminum cans. We always did the psychiatric ward meals either first or last to make sure that we were consistently switching out for the different plates and cutlery precisely once so there weren't any screwups.

    But guns... I guess that's okay.

  3. LDoBe says:

    FTFY... These are patients. Not prisoners, even if they're committed against their will. Although some probably are there instead of prison, and are inmates. But just because you're locked up in a psych ward doesn't make you an "inmate."

  4. It may be legal, and it may have always been legal (with open carry an exception), but carrying a visible firearm into a mental health facility is just... Well i honestly don't want to be insulting (really, I don't)... A dick move. Like super dick move.

    Spend two days in one, and you will quickly understand why it is a bad idea. *

    * apart from the fact that 50% of mental health workers are ineffectual, but that is a different discussion.

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