Get this classic, minimalist wallet for over 30% off

Ditch the bells and whistles and take a classic approach to everyone’s essential accessory. This 100% leather wallet holds your cash and cards, and slips easily into your pocket without even a bulge.

You can get the Phillip Flip Wallet for $19.99 in the Boing Boing store today. 

Notable Replies

  1. Sorry, but all my wallets are self-made*. It's the capitalist way!

    *Seriously. Great way to practice leatherwork.

  2. I wonder how much I would spend if I bought every single thing BoingBoing tells me to buy?

  3. Y'know, analyzing that data could be an interesting (and time-sucking, considering how many things are offered up each day) project.

  4. Oh, such a negative attitude... :slightly_smiling: You should ask how much you would save. With "discounts" up to 99% off, you could save millions of dollars. Think of what you could do with millions of dollars, I know StackSocial is!

  5. That's true of most wallets (except, maybe, tri-fold wallets). The secret is not putting much crap into your wallet :smiley:

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