Keep your pet on a short leash with the Tractive GPS pet tracking device

Never lose track of your pet again thanks to the Tractive® GPS Pet Tracking device. This life-saving device attaches to your dog, cat or any other pet and allows you to view their live location on an interactive map. You can even trigger the “LIVE tracking function” to get real-time updates every other second. It’s the best choice you can make for your pet’s safety, and your peace of mind.

Save over 20% on the Tractive GPS pet tracking device. 

Notable Replies

  1. d_r says:

    Shouldn't "your pet’s current location" always either be at your house or easily geolocatable by tracing the leash from your hand to your pet's neck?

  2. That's what we do!

  3. Pekar says:

    city slickers

  4. TobinL says:

    Oh sure nothing about seeing what other houses your cat is visiting for skritches and kitty treats.

  5. There are other problems with virtual fencing, too.

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