Plane passenger snaps photo of shadowy humanoid walking on cloud

This incredible photo, shot from a plane at 30,000 feet, captures what looks like a silhouette of the Iron Giant strutting across a cloud. When passenger Nick O’Donoghue, who was on his way back to Ireland from Austria, first saw the image, he thought he was hallucinating. But his two colleagues, sitting next to him, saw it too, so he whipped out his camera and caught these cool images.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really the Iron Giant (damn!), but more likely an optical illusion known as Fata Morgana, or a mirage, according to weather experts. Thanks Daily Mail! Giant

Notable Replies

  1. Hey, wanna see something really scary?

  2. This isn't a Fata Morgana. Go back to the Daily Mail article and look again - that bit at the end where they talk about that, they're talking about another effect seen in China. This is some kind of cloud - you can tell because it is casting a shadow. I hate to say "go back to the Daily Mail to check your facts" because it is like saying "go back to the sewage pool to wash your hands" but in this case you've just slightly misread what they wrote.

  3. It's gotta be real, because what are the chances a cloud would look like something other than a cloud. . . except maybe for that one over there that looks like a horsie.

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