Pay what you want for the 2016 Mac Bundle and upgrade your Mac today

Sure, you poke around on your Macbook. It’s pretty incredible what this little machine can do, right? But here’s the dirty secret: you’re just scratching the surface. There are apps and shortcuts and capabilities sitting beneath your fingertips right now that you can’t even imagine. This thing's a beast, and you can learn all about how to let it rip with this Mac bundle. Best of all, just pay what you want for it. That’s twelve awesome Mac apps, all for however much you think they’re worth.

Just to name a sampling of the gems in this package: Flip PDF, a BluRay player, Boom 2, Disc Expert, Clean Exit, plus half a dozen more rad apps. If you’re a creator, this bundle will help you watch and review content more easily than ever and focus your energy on making something beautiful, whether it’s writing, film or music. You can keep your data safe with protecting apps, open up some much-needed storage space, and get organized with Unclutter which allows you to store notes and cleanly sync all your files. Using Keylogger you can even track every single activity on your Mac, and with RapidWeaver you can create gorgeous, professional looking websites, without a single day of coding experience.

Music even sounds better with this bundle. There’s not one but two audio enhancers included here: Boom 2 and Hear will have you jamming out and even recording like never before. In a nutshell, this comprehensive package pretty much takes all your basic personal skills and elevates them to professional grade. The pay what you want structure allows you to value this major addition to your life just as you see fit. 

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  1. Jorpho says:

    Oddly enough, to my knowledge there is presently no free software that can play Blu-Ray discs with menus (the video content is playable, you just have to blindly navigate your way through it), so this would be kind of interesting, if I had a Mac.

    Except: are Blu-Ray drives standard hardware on Macbooks now? I thought they were moving towards getting rid of optical discs entirely.

  2. Is it just me or are these BB ads getting more and more like late night infomercials?

  3. I recall the DRM/Licensing aspect of playing DVD's on Windows back in the day.

    I think the BB admins are pretty OK with tangents. Particularly since this is not a super serious topic.

    I have bluray capable devices by virtue of buying game consoles, but in 7 years I think I've played a bluray twice?

    Bluray is in my mind reserved for gorgeous films that I plan to watch many times. Since I usually don't watch films more than once, it's a very niche use case.

    That said, is there a similar phenomenon where the cheapest Chinese branded players have the most useful features? I recall that very much being the case with DVD. $30 gets you something that doesn't look as nice on the shelf, but is far easier to live with than something that costs $100. And for the price point, buying 3 of them easily will keep you happy until the format is dead.

  4. Are those 20-gauge apps? The finest apps are 12-gauge, and made from braided unicorn hair.

  5. The software slices, it dices, it makes thousands of julienne fries!

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