Report: Chicago PD dashcams sabotaged by officers

80 percent of Chicago PD dashcam videos have been tampered with or otherwise damaged, according to technicians' reports, with audio missing due to 'intentional destruction' in many cases.

Radley Balko:

At minimum, intentionally destroying dash-cam equipment is destruction of public property. You could argue that it’s also tampering with or destroying evidence, particularly if there’s proof that it was done after a shooting or other major incident. [state’s attorney Anita] Alvarez tried to imprison a woman for recording the alleged harassment she received from police while attempting to file a report alleging sexual assault by another police officer. But when cops tamper with evidence of a police shooting of an unarmed man, all she can say is that it’s “frustrating” and that she’d “prefer to have the audio”?

The lack of consequences is the thing. This goes for everything from internet comment trolls right up to killer cops.

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  1. The word you're looking for is impunity, from the Latin for "no fucking consequences at all."

  2. Dashcams and bodycams are only half of the solution. The other half is serious consequences for neglecting or sabotaging them. Like, lose your job and possibly go to jail consequences. That's the trick, of course... police already can straight-up murder people consequence-free, so good luck getting them in trouble for breaking a camera.

  3. Too bad that ballot initiatives are pretty much just a western thing, or this crap would be a perfect target for one. Simple ballot initiative that says that tampering with dashcams or bodycams constitutes destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice and is an automatic firing.

  4. Oh. There will be consequences. The thing that these assholes don't think about, that should be keeping them up at night, is how incredibly terrible those consequences will get the more they put them off for some future where people will have seriously had way too enough of their bullshit.

  5. LDoBe says:

    Yup. If I fail to file certain financial records in my normal civilian job, I will be fired and go to jail so fast your head will spin.

    What makes cops so special they can destroy evidence of their crimes and get away with it? Nothing but cowardice and collusion with other members of city government.

    Here's the solution: fire the force, bring in a fresh batch of cops, and then stop paying them whenever a device "stops working". If it even slightly looks like monkey business, go directly to jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. The cop has tampered with evidence. Jail is where they belong.

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