Trump commands mob to ‘Knock the Crap Out’ of protesters, promises to pay legal fees

Donald Trump waves during a campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Feb. 1, 2016. REUTERS

You never go full Hitler, bro.

At a rally today in Cedar Rapids, IA, Donald Trump told a crowd of his knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing troglodyte devotees that if any of them spotted a protester in the crowd getting ready to toss a tomato at him, they should “knock the crap out of them.”

Trump opened his speech to the Iowa crowd by saying he got a warning from “the wonderful security guys.”

From the transcript:

There may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell— I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. It won’t be so much ’cause the courts agree with us too.

Audio and video at Mediaite.

Notable Replies

  1. Kimmo says:

    He could shoot someone and not lose a single vote, I hear

  2. M_Dub says:

    Yes. A Heinzman.

  3. LDoBe says:

    Commanding your less than intelligent minions to "knock the crap out if them" is an incitement of violence.

    You know, he could have said "ask them to leave" or "get security to handle the situation".

    Also, while throwing a tomato is assault. Beating people is also assault. But I think we'd all pick a tomato to the face, over a bunch of mouth-breathing idiots assailing us with their feet and fists.

  4. Here in Germany he would have committed a crime. StGB § 130a "Aufforderung zu einer Straftat"- "Invocation to a felony". I think he is allready guilty of StGB § 130 "Volksverhetzung" - "demagoguery" or "incitement of the people", which is a serious crime in Germany for reasons.

  5. thekaz says:

    You can't really blame Trump.. to the rich, this is pretty much how the legal system works.

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