I was a Jeopardy! clue

I got quite a treat yesterday afternoon when my email and Twitter filled up with people letting me know that I was mentioned in a Jeopardy! clue!

I was joined in a category about science fiction novels with John Redshirts Scalzi, Jeff Annihilation VanderMeer, and Ernest Ready Player One Cline. Presumably, there was a fifth clue, but either it was never revealed or I haven't been able to find it (please update the comments if you know what it was!).

Update: The fifth clue was Connie Willis! Thanks, Russ Kirkpatrick!

Notable Replies

  1. Ratel says:

    Cory, you've arrived. You and "Joust".

  2. Jeopardy is really going way off the rails with its gimmick. None of the correct “questions” are even remotely “answered” by the clues.

    I mean in what twisted dysfunctioning brain is that considered an answer to “What is Disney World?”

    I want to get on Jeopardy just to see how they’d react to “What was Abraham Lincoln” or “Who is the War of 1812.” They’re properly formed and just as valid under their silly rule, right?

  3. "In the future everyone will get a turn at being a Jeopardy answer."

  4. I may be the only one who ever got his own name wrong on final Jeopardy. The correct response was "The Seagull," (the Chekov play). I had enough of a lead to win anyway, but Trebek ragged me about it on the next show.

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