Liberated Yazidi sex slaves become a vengeful, elite anti-ISIS fighting force

The Force of the Sun Ladies is an all-woman brigade of fighters who were formerly enslaved by ISIS during the occupation of Mosul.

The women are part of the Yazidi ethnic minority, singled out for exception brutality by ISIS after the 2014 raid on Mount Sinjar. After being liberated by Kurdish Peshmerga forces, they trained as fighters and vowed to retake Mosul and free the women still enslaved there. There are 123 fighters on the strength, with over 500 more in training. The UN estimates that ISIS still holds 3,500 hostages in Iraq, most of them Yazidi women and girls.

Captain Khider said the brigade played a support role on 13 November last year, when their hometowns were taken back from Isis occupation, engaging in direct combat and helping to clear streets.

She says they know taking Mosul will be the real test – but it is one that is important to the Yazidis for more than just strategic reasons.

“We have a lot of our women in Mosul being held as slaves,” she said. “Their families are waiting for them. We are waiting for them. The liberation might help bring them home.”

Former Isis Yazidi sex slaves take up arms for revenge, to win back Mosul and 'bring our women home' [Adam Withnall/Independent]

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  1. Is there any way I can make a donation, say, a crate of AK-47s?

  2. We can see if the ATF has anything left they didn't send to Mexico.


    Seriously though, I THINK the US already sends stuff to the Kurds, who are some of the most reasonable and self sufficient people in the region. Friends who served there said they had their shit together better than anywhere else.

  3. The west supplies arms to Saudi Arabia, one of the main sources of ISIS power and support, to Turkey, which has an open border for Isis fighters and attacks anti ISIS forces, and directly to ISIS allies .

    I wouldn't go looking for the west to back the right horse anytime soon. Western policy is the sewer coming from Kissinger and our mouths are duct taped to it.

  4. This sounds like a good premise for a Tarantino movie

  5. That ball has been rolling for some time.

    Da'esh seem to hate them more than their other opposition, particularly as they have had their arses kicked by the YPJ on various occasions.

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