Psychedelic Space Alien themed Art Deco style 1931 high school yearbook

Pea Hicks writes, "This is an album of scans I made from the 1931 Los Angeles University High School, CHIEFTAIN - 'Martian Number.'"

"Most impressive are a series of eight screen-printed pages with fantastic art deco sci-fi student art (by various artists) in psychedelic colors and gold metallic ink. Most of the yearbook is typical fare for the time, so I didn't scan the entire book- just highlights of the 'Martian' theme."

1931 University High School, Los Angeles CHIEFTAIN "Martian Number" [Pea Hicks/Google Photos]

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  1. Ratel says:

    Shit, the theme of my class' high school yearbook was "Our budget has been cut 50%, can we make the student pictures smaller and minimize the number of pages with color?"

    If you live in the Bay Area, and you're into Art Deco, then you must attend a show at the Paramount. I'm not really into Art Deco, and I was blown away.

  2. Beautiful! And people act as if the 60s were weird.

  3. jazzbo says:

    Trying to think through the context of the location and time:

    The Great Depression,
    Art Deco,
    Poster printing - silk screening as an industrial art.
    Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series.

    Interesting how our current cultural biases interpret the norms of the Los Angles HS yearbook in 1931.
    It'd be interesting to see the credits page for this book - the editor and advisor, student art director...

  4. Not to mention Metropolis came out just a few years earlier :wink:

    I am definitely considering adding a print of one of these to my basement.

  5. As is typical of LA area high schools, the alumni list is a bit of a who's-who. Somehow, most apropos given these illustrations is Danny Elfman. Also, members of The Germs, members of The Doors, Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, etc etc... Sadly, doesn't appear to be anyone notable from the time frame of this particular yearbook.

    If anyone would like to order mousepads, phone cases or whatnot featuring these (public domain) images, I've uploaded them here:

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