Ultra thin BLU Vivo Air unlocked Android phone on sale for $100

The BLU Vivo Air, a GSM 4G phone, has just 16GB of internal storage (with no microSD expansion), but at $100, this unlocked 0.2-inch thick phone with a 4.8-inch display is a great deal. A newer LTE version is available for $144.

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  1. Was intrigued...until finding out there's no service with Sprint and Verizon, and only "partial" LTE on only T-Mobile with the $144 model.

  2. for $44 more you get double the ram. pretty much meh or decent for the price. thinness means nothing to me but camera does. blu does produce a good line of unlocked phones if you can sort them out by cost to specs ratio. i got a blu dash 4.0 jr for free and it's worth that price.
    actually, this phone does get a good rating but i don't need it even if i wanted it.

  3. I bought a Blu Studio C 5+5 on Amazon for about $85. I needed a phone that I could use both in the US and EU. It's GSM quad band, dual SIM, 8 gig internal, Android Lollipop, with an SD card. Works perfectly for what I need it for. Battery life is good enough but not great.

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