Panorama: the largest photo ever made of NYC

Jeffrey Martin writes, "Here is the largest photo ever made of NYC (more than 200,000 pixels wide). Shot handheld from the top of the Empire State Building with a 135mm lens and a 50MP fullframe SLR."

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  1. FYI, getting a page error of the 404, page not found variety....

  2. I took my son there when he was 10-ish and we looked at all the landmarks. Amazing how many famous landmarks you can see!

  3. Cool, I would be able to see my house but for the school next door. That's some freakin rez!

    I think this compares to dozens of ROLLS of Velvia!

    Edit: res of 35mm film is hotly debated, but 20mb is a common number, and getting above that means perfect lenses and conditions. If you accept that, then a 20 gb image is 1000 film frames.

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