Weekend WeedBlogging: 10 Awesome Kytten Janae GIFs to Vape To


One of our favorite animation artists right now is Kytten Janae. Here are 10 samples of her psychedelic animated visual art as animated GIFs.

Still images, music videos, looping video shorts, more GIFs, and other delicious goodness at the following links: [www, kyttenjanae.tumblr.com, vine, facebook, twitter ]

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  1. Like far out, man.

  2. tekk says:

  3. Well, I WAS going to go to bed...

  4. Huh, clever, that actually works several different ways!

  5. I suspect it was an accidental omission, but the problem with NSFW is that it's a slider, not a dividing line, and the position of the slider depends on geographical location, industry sector and individual managements. I guess the extremes are possibly at one end the headquarters of the Saudi religious police, and at the other the creative department of a video porn company, but everything in between is surely very blurry.

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