Anti-Vaxxers successfully bring back measles and whooping cough

A new report says anti-vaxxers are responsible for the rise in two infectious diseases we'd nearly eliminated from the United States.

Researchers at Emory and Johns Hopkins Universities have determined, through a National Institute of Health review, that the rise in measles is directly attributable to vaccine refusal, and that it is helping whooping cough to spread, too.

From the NIH study's abstract:

Findings We identified 18 published measles studies (9 annual summaries and 9 outbreak reports), which described 1416 measles cases (individual age range, 2 weeks-84 years; 178 cases younger than 12 months) and more than half (56.8%) had no history of measles vaccination. Of the 970 measles cases with detailed vaccination data, 574 cases were unvaccinated despite being vaccine eligible and 405 (70.6%) of these had nonmedical exemptions (eg, exemptions for religious or philosophical reasons, as opposed to medical contraindications; 41.8% of total). Among 32 reports of pertussis outbreaks, which included 10 609 individuals for whom vaccination status was reported (age range, 10 days-87 years), the 5 largest statewide epidemics had substantial proportions (range, 24%-45%) of unvaccinated or undervaccinated individuals. However, several pertussis outbreaks also occurred in highly vaccinated populations, indicating waning immunity. Nine reports (describing 12 outbreaks) provided detailed vaccination data on unimmunized cases; among 8 of these outbreaks from 59% through 93% of unvaccinated individuals were intentionally unvaccinated.

Conclusions and Relevance A substantial proportion of the US measles cases in the era after elimination were intentionally unvaccinated. The phenomenon of vaccine refusal was associated with an increased risk for measles among people who refuse vaccines and among fully vaccinated individuals. Although pertussis resurgence has been attributed to waning immunity and other factors, vaccine refusal was still associated with an increased risk for pertussis in some populations.

We all pay for anti-vaxx ignorance.

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  1. LDoBe says:

    If I don't stop talking now, I'll end up dominating the conversation, but let me just say, as far as I'm concerned, not vaccinating your kids is child abuse and needs to be criminally punishable if there isn't a valid medical excuse.

  2. LDoBe says:

    It's absolutely your business, even if you and your children are vaccinated properly, there's a small chance it wasn't effective. People who don't vaccinate their children are putting other people's lives at risk.

    It's absolutely everyone's business in this case.

    Vaccination isn't like smoking weed. It's not a personal preference thing that doesn't effect everyone you come in contact with. Not vaccinating is a real and dangerous threat to both oneself and others.

  3. Thanks for concern trolling.

    From Wikipedia, "Measles":

    Complications occur in about 30% and may include diarrhea, blindness, inflammation of the brain, and pneumonia among others.

    Don't pretend you have a moral high ground. Why don't you go promote the benefits of malnutrition you feckless misanthrope.

  4. I was born nearly 20 years too early for the chickenpox vaccine. When I had it as a kid, it fucking SUCKED. I was out for over two weeks. Now I need to start worrying about shingles as I get older. You're damn right I wish I could have been vaccinated against chickenpox.

  5. AntiVaxxers' "victory" is twofold; 1) resurgence of diseases that had long been tamed & 2) have had exactly zero (0) effect on rate or severity of ASD diagnoses.


    Ain't anti-scientific solipcism grand?!?!

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