The singing road that plays "America the Beautiful"

On a stretch of Route 66 between Albuquerque and Tijeras, New Mexico, engineers at Sand Bar Construction, the New Mexico Department of Transportation, and the National Geographic Channel installed a series of rumble strips that play “America the Beautiful" as you traverse them at 45 miles per hour. Apparently, the jingle of corporate sponsor Nationwide was originally included in the road's repertoire but it has since been removed. Watch the video above about the installation, meant keep to drivers at a safe speed.

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  1. So if they want to hear it at the original pitch, they have to stay at 45MPH, but if they want it all fast and fun, all they have to do is drive faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Not sure why this is going to keep them from speeding....

  2. I saw something just like this, but it was "Still Alive" and it was a minecart, not a car.

    Oh, and Minecraft, not reality.

  3. Anyone find a version where dude isn't talking over the entire thing?

  4. I do like the original key. But raising it an octave is fine. So I'll do 90.

    What kind of gullible person hears the claim that it only works at one particular speed and doesn't test that out by driving a little faster? That's some hardcore stupid from Mr. Can't-Shut-Up there.

  5. I drove that lane in the other direction while passing an 18-wheeler. You can clearly hear a deep voice saying "Vote Cruz/Satan 2016".

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