Nebraska just abolished civil forfeiture

Crooked cops and prosecutors in Nebraska are gnashing their teeth today. The state has taken away their license to steal cash and property from innocent people and use the proceeds to fatten their bloated budgets.

In some states where civil forfeiture is still allowed, high ranking police officers drive in luxury sports cars taken from owners who were never arrested for a crime.

Nick Sibilla says:

Thought I’d share this bit of good news with you. Late yesterday Nebraska’s governor signed a bill that ends civil forfeiture! Nebraska is now the third state without civil forfeiture and the tenth to require a criminal conviction as a prerequisite in most or all forfeiture cases.

You can find more information about the law and forfeiture in Nebraska here.

Here’s a link to the law itself.

Notable Replies

  1. And now we need a federal law to rule them all.

  2. Awesome. Holy crap I don't understand how this is still a thing.

  3. Corruption. Greed. Institutional apathy. Distractions from the important by the venial-but-flashy. Racism. The rest is details on those themes.

  4. That's probably because you don't SUPPORT OUR POLICE and want to just surrender in the WAR ON DRUGS and other CATCHY SLOGANS THAT FIT ON BUMPER STICKERS.

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