No, 'Puff The Magic Dragon' is not about smoking weed

Here's the story of the lyrics, based on a poem that 19-year-old college student Leonard Lipton wrote in 1959 and popularized in Peter, Paul and Mary's classic 1963 song.


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  1. Next you'll tell me that Pete's Dragon wasn't about a mentally ill feral child who suffered crippling hallucinations.

  2. Old says:

    It's about smoking weed.

  3. Of course it is not about weed, the dragon is opium.

  4. Stop ruining my childhood assumptions. Next thing you're going to tell me that there's no lake of whiskey or cigarette trees in the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

  5. I live down the road apiece from BRCM Township. I'm sad to report that the cigarette trees were all cut down to make Thneeds, and while Whiskey Lake still exists, fishing and other recreation has been banned for a couple of decades due to runoff from the Wonka mines. The lemonade springs dried up in the 70s and there are only one or two old-timers left. They do make out pretty good from speeding tickets, though.

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