Watch two idiot criminals burglarize a watch store in Sweden

Two gentlemen broke into a watch store in a mall during business hours. A person standing a few feet away shot video of the whole thing. The two burglars didn't get away with the heist, which involved dragging a bag of stolen merchandise behind a scooter.

Two lowlifes robbed the watch shop 'Klockmaster' in Kista Galleria, a shopping mall in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. This all happened at 10 o'clock 13th of May, Friday 2016. As you can tell from the video, the gun that the one of them has in his hand malfunctions when he tries to be tough and fire it off into the air/ceiling. He then tries to unjam it during the whole robbery while the other guy smashes up the display cases etc. When they're done they try to get away on the scooter but it's having a difficult time starting -- the gunman holds the gun very close to his friends head... What a dope. They were later arrested at a check point near a McDonalds.

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  1. It's really hard to tell but I like to think the reason they have so much trouble getting the door open is because it says "skjuta" rather than "draga".

  2. Holy shit.. the derp.

    That one guy was fucking with a gun the whole time that didn't seem to work? His friend must have been yelling him, stop fucking with the gun, and help me steal this shit.

    Then he puts the barrel right in his buddies NECK when he gets on the scooter.

  3. Back to the drawing board...

  4. I'm pretty sure that Modusoperandi was, in fact, joking.

  5. In the Swedish Justice System the fulket are represented by two separate, yet equally important grunten. The yerk blorken who investigate crimentot and the amahn kakolar who prosecüt the untgruten. These are their stories...

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