Watch this helpful "Kids Guide to the Internet"

....from 1997.

On your mark, get set

Now we're riding on the Internet

Cyberspace, sets us free

Hello virtual reality

Interactive appetite

Searching for a Web site...

(Thanks, UPSO!)




Notable Replies

  1. What's "Yahoo"?

  2. that thing i still use for email out of inertia mostly...

  3. Turn on any TV, any channel. It's the orange guy on the screen.

  4. "Someday soon, you'll not only get to diagnose and repair your parent's computer, but you'll get to help them with their internet connection, too, from thousands of miles away over the telephone! And the viruses they'll catch! Oh, the viruses! And you'll get to have many, many uncomfortable conversations with your own children about all the deeply disturbing shit that people are in to, like slooping and blemming!"

    /kids back away from the computer, off-stage, go outside, play

    "Also, pirates will steal all the music!"

    /kids run back in, download all the hips and the hops

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