Watch this killer Sammy Davis Jr. TV commercial for Suntory Whisky (1974)

Long before Suntory boosted its brand awareness thanks to Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (2003), the inimitable Sammy Davis Jr. really did pitch the Japanese whiskey in 1974. Amazing. (Thanks, UPSO!)

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  1. tropo says:

  2. Wait... So Lost in Translation was one huge product placement??

    I thought it was a made-up brand! Stop ruining my childhood!

    Well... not my childhood, really...


    Lost in Translation is now 13 years old??

  3. In the extended cut, he gets in to a fight with the director after he's called a "neglo", drunkenly spilling his drugs in the process, culminating in him crushing and snorting some Quaaludes off the floor with, I don't know, three hookers?*

    • This comment sponsored by the 1970s. The 1970s: If you remember them you weren't doing them right.
  4. Looks like it's just some footage of Sammy at home on an average Thursday morning.

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