Chicago cops switched off bodycams and high-fived after shooting unarmed black teen

The Chicago Independent Police Review Authority has released a video showing the aftermath of the July 28 police shooting of an unarmed black man, in which the officers checked to ensure that their body-cameras were switched off and then gave each other high fives.

18-year-old Paul O'Neal was killed after allegedly crashing a stolen Jaguar into two Chicago police officers. Officers claimed to have shot at him "at least five times" (the actual number of shots was 15). Some officers believed that O'Neal had fired upon them. He was unarmed.

The three officers involved have been placed on administrative leave.

CBS Chicago's Charlie De Mar saw the video and reported that it shows one officer high fiving another before saying "F***, I’m going to be on desk duty now for 30 days"; and one officer saying to another, "Make sure this (body-camera) is off."

“We just came from watching Chicago police officers execute Paul O’Neal. … It is one of the most horrific things that I have seen, aside from being in a movie. These police officers decided to play judge, jury and executioner,” he said. “It is amazing to me. It is horrific, it is tragic, that these officers did what they did and took their street justice in their own hands—the things that they are trying to prevent, or supposed to prevent.”

Chicago Police Officers Allegedly Caught High-Fiving After ‘Execution’ of Paul O’Neal [The Root]

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  1. This will totally end well, with appropriate punishments meted out to the responsible parties

  2. Another case of Political Correctness run amok! If you can't high five after shooting someone, then why bother shooting anybody at all?

  3. you just killed a human being and your primary concern is being put on a desk job for 30 days? come on son.

  4. Yes, the key word being "prevent", which is distinct from "in retaliation".

  5. If the cops don't have their body cameras on and working, they should be suspended without pay during the investigation.

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