Handy Pokemon Go tips

Here's a good collection of tips for playing Pokemon Go. I didn't know any of them.


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  1. The whole "strap your cellphone to your dog" thing is kind of not great advice because the game has to be active and running on your phone. So the screen must remain unlocked and trying to keep the game going while playing with the dog seems like more trouble than it's worth. But if this works for some people then go for it

  2. Some of these sound really useful, but others... like the secondary power pack? How many hours a day can you play?

    I'm a read-the-manual kind of guy, and it's really frustrating there's no documentation. Why do you even have to "figure out gyms?"

  3. This is a younger person's game. I take my dog for a walk for 30 minutes a day and play a little and maybe catch 3 if I'm lucky. At the park, the kids are roaming around on their bikes for hours since they're out of school for the summer. They dart from place to place seeking them out or they camp out for a while with a lure module. They play for hours and I've seen several of them either with portable chargers or they recharged while using the lure. The 20-somethings are driving all their cars to parks and camping out with lures while blasting the music they listen to these days and not getting off my lawn, but I'll stop and catch a few from the lure.

    I will never be a Pokemon Go master, but I can afford expensive microbrews, so I that's nice.

  4. hhype says:

    I just did that ̶k̶i̶l̶l̶ faint my pokemon thing at an opposing gym just to use my revives yesterday. It is much easier to take an enemy gym than to level up one of your own in my opinion.

    Don't worry, this game chews through my iPhone battery in about an hour or so. I never had an extra battery pack until this game required it!

    Nothing sadder than walking my special 6 pokestops in 5 minutes path at the local library to grind to get potions and stuff and see that "Your bag is full" sign at the pokestop I just wasted a spin on. Also, your so fancy to be able to get rid of the weak potions. :wink: I usually drop revives and regular pokeballs since there are sooo many.

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