Shaper Origin is a handheld CNC router

I just watched a few of the demo videos for the Shaper Origin. It's a handheld, computer numerical control, router that allows you to cut precise shapes into flat stock. Since it is handheld, there's really no limit to the size of the things you want to cut out. Looks really cool. It costs around $1500.

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  1. Oh wow. I love the way that the tool head will automatically adjust its location to compensate for the sloppiness of the operator. Very cool.

  2. Not at all. There's a video of this on Tested, and there's a chair project they fleetingly show a few times. Each time I see it it makes me cringe, because you can see that a) it's all 2D plywood cut outs and b) the continuous curve of the chair back is wonky. At the very least it needed to be shaped with a sander to even out the curves.

    This tool will allow some amazing utility and creativity, but the limitations of its machine vision positioning mean that it still requires jigs for small projects to make a larger positioning reference, with a surface level to the work piece.

    As with laser cutouts, and 2d CNC, you'll see a lot of projects with this impressive device, ones that look awfully familiar in scope.

    But, there will be more uses for this than I can imagine. Watching the Tested video is pretty impressive. This is the real deal - a well thought out, well tested device with a solid set of forward looking, useful features and UI. This is not some Kickstarter pie in the sky.

  3. Much in the same way that the word processor took all the skill out of writing poetry.

  4. That might be an overly broad statement.

  5. LDoBe says:

    Printers are a special case. We all know that.

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