LED "clock" spells out the time in words

If you're a longtime reader, you'll know that I love me some impractical timepieces; the LED Word Clock qualifies, with a set of stencil-text cutouts of words that are selectively lit by LEDs to tell you the time(ish); it measures 8" square and costs $74 and the major complaint from reviewers is that it is too bright, which strikes me as a feature, not a bug.

What kills me is the "It is" words at the start, which strike me as hilarious, caustic commentary on those smartwatch text-based readouts.

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  1. There is a Nixie tube called the B7971 that would suit your needs. I have a Four Letter Word Machine on my mantel that does what its name implies. A longer version with about 20 tubes would achieve the result you seek.

    Unfortunately, the tubes used to cost a dollar or two each, but the price has gone up to where they are no longer reasonable.

  2. daneel says:

    I've found that if you say half ten in the US, most people assume you mean 9:30.

  3. It means that in Germany as well.

    Also, in the Northeastern US, they say "quarter of", and I have no idea what that means. I'm a Midwesterner, where we say "quarter to" and "quarter past".

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