400+ depictions of soda machines in video games

Jess Morrissette writes, "I'm a professor of Political Science at Marshall University, and I recently launched a project aimed at cataloging screenshots of every soda machine to have ever appeared in a video game. We've reached over 400 entries in less than a month, featuring virtual soda machines ranging from the earliest days of video game history through games released in recent weeks."

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  1. Shuck says:

    There are going to be a lot of examples - soda machines are even more ubiquitous in video games than they are in real life. They're the perfect video game object - they're effectively flat box-shapes, have simple interaction (pressing a button, an action which could also be conveyed with, say, a punch animation), and spew out smallish, cylindrical objects that contain consumables (that could have varying game effects). The only thing I can think of that's equivalently "video gamey" is the shipping crate.

  2. My fave vending machine in any game was in the demo for one of the Max Payne versions. The setting was an alley, and there was a button on a nearby wall that said simply "enemy dispenser". Worked exactly as advertised, push the button and two thugs would soon wander down the way towards you. Way more fun than it should have been.

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