Hamilton in American Sign Language

Holy federalism, I love every single thing about this. And Peggy! (via Kottke)

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  1. Okay, I am a UK person so I had to Google 'Alexander Hamilton' to see who he was. As I typed in 'Alexander' the options were...
    - Alexander
    - Alexander Hamilton
    - Alexander the Great

    From my non-US viewpoint, that doesn't seem quite right, but I guess it is a breaking meme.

  2. I'm not sure a broadway show that's sold out for years to come is really a "breaking meme".

  3. I don't know how enjoyable Hamilton would be in ASL. The play has songs where the lyrics are very quick and some characters sing on top of others constantly. But i'd love to get an opinion from someone that is good with ASL :slight_smile:

  4. I was thinking about that this morning ... there's a lot of wordplay and double-meanings in the lyrics, and I'm not sure some of it would translate. For example, I notice she signs "sick" like "I feel sick". But the line is "sitting in their own sick" so I feel like the sign for "vomit" would make more sense there.

    I like when she fingerspells his whole name, the first time and then the last. I only wish my fingerspelling was that fast.

    (Disclaimer: I am only adequate at ASL, and I'm out of practice.)

  5. True fact: before that musical came out, it was Hamilton who was slated to be replaced by Harriet Tubman on U.S. print currency instead of Andrew Jackson. (Not because the people in the Treasury department had anything against Hamilton, just because the $10 bill was the next one slated for a major redesign at the time).

    So happy that the genocidal jerkface is getting the boot now instead! (Or at least demoted to the back).

    ETA: here's the basic story in XKCD form.

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