How to make origami dragonclaw gauntlets

Jeremy Shafer shows how to make flexible finger rings that look like reptilian claws by allowing joint movement. He also shows a handy way to maximize the number of squares you can make out of standard printer paper.

Each ring is folded from a 3-inch square and about 3 rings and one claw tip can fit on each finger, so in all it takes about 40 rings to adorn both hands. The paper I used in the intro is brown kami that I painted over with copper acrylic paint. I used gold acrylic paint on beige kami for the paper that I folded in the the tutorial.

Bonus video: The wrist armor:

Origami Gauntlet Part 1: Dragon Claws (YouTube / JeremyShaferOrigami)

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  1. Holy crap! I've met this guy. A place where I worked hired him to make a bunch of origami one day (long story). He is actually an origami clown who can ride a unicycle and make origami from burning paper. pretty sweet.

  2. Jeremy Shafer makes a lot of cool shit.

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