Just look at these bananas in a Carmen Miranda/Busby Berkeley musical.

Robbo sez, "From the 1943 Busby Berkeley musical extravaganza "The Gang's All Here" - this is Carmen Miranda singing: The Lady In The Tutti-Fruity Hat. At around 3:20 they bring out the really big bananas."

Just look at 'em!

Notable Replies

  1. They spun that movie off into a Room 222-style classroom drama in the 70s

  2. I loved the parody that the Cohen Brothers did in Hail Caesar.

    No Dames indeed!

  3. Just look at them...

  4. Officially, LSD was not developed until well after 1943,but after seeing this, I find that hard to believe.

  5. d_r says:

    Heh, I posted this a few months ago. Carmen Miranda was a pretty amazing performer and businesswoman, who managed her own career with very much the same care and success that people like Madonna did in later years. She died way too young.

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