Chelsea Manning has surfaced and is OK

After being missing for seven days, whistleblower Chelsea Manning has made contact. Her prison warders threw her into solitary for a week and didn't tell her lawyers or friends where she was.

Manning attorney Nancy Hollander wrote, "We have spoken with Chelsea. She had been serving her 7 days in disciplinary segregation until this afternoon. During that time she was unable to communicate with friends, family and supporters. She is doing ok and is thankful for all of the love and support. Her attorneys have been and will continue to monitor her situation."

Notable Replies

  1. jeddak says:

    That's American justice.

  2. I guess this is about the best news we can hope for, short of a prison break or pardon that they forgot to let everybody know about.

  3. ...for certain values of 'OK'...

  4. First, whew. Second, how is it OK to not notify her council that she's going into solitary. Third, this feels too much like she's being extrajudicially punished on top of her judicial confinement.

    Obama, free Chelsea Manning.

  5. Thank God she's OK, and fuck those guys, seriously.

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