VERIFIED Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook's association with Peter Thiel

Update: According to The Verge, Facebook has verified the authenticity of the screenshot below.

In what appears to be an internal Facebook post, Zuckerberg defends his company's ongoing association with Peter Thiel -- Facebook investor/board member and major donor to white-supremacist/pro-rape presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Zuckerberg's defense echoes that of Y Combinator boss Sam Altman, who said that a truly inclusive business can't afford to write off a candidate supported by millions of Americans.

Presumably, they feel the same way about the millions who believe in the ideology of Osama bin Laden.

Mark Zuckerburg comments on Peter Thiel controversy regarding Trump donation [Hacker News]

(via Dan Hon)

(Image: Mark Zuckerberg - South by Southwest 2008, Jason McELweenie, CC-BY)

Notable Replies

  1. Thiel's donation was the catalyst I needed to finally delete my Facebook account, something I've been considering for a while.

    I can, if I try hard, understand why millions of unhappy people struggling on the breadline might vote for the 'change candidate', even if that candidate is as utterly ridiculous and toxic as Trump. And the 'AMERICA!' message is one that clearly makes more sense to people raised in the US educational system than it does to those of us raised in others.

    But Thiel is privileged, immigrant and educated. There is literally no reason I can think of for someone like that to support Trump, except rabid self-interest at the expense of society in general.

    Hence, I think Zuck's post is wrong, and I'm out.

  2. Relax, Zuck.

    We already know that you're scum.

  3. News Flash: CEO lacks courage of convictions!

  4. Somehow, the idea of "diversity" has come to include loathsome ideas like bigotry. Um, no. I believe in diversity. I also believe that racism, sexism, or any kind of bigotry is wrong and doesn't deserve a place at the table. I've had conservatives call me a hypocrite because I claim to value diversity. Their idea of "diversity" is like saying freedom of speech should include racial epithets and yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. Sorry, there are limits to everything, including freedom of speech, and the limit to my understanding of acceptable diversity is bigotry.

  5. No. Thiel is an investor and board member, not an employee. Facebook can't 'fire' him. But they can easily 'part ways due to irreconcilable differences' if it's important to them. It clearly isn't, and that's their choice. But for Zuck to claim it's due to some holier-than-thou commitment to diversity is duplicitous nonsense, it's because Thiel is valuable to Facebook and so are the 40m+ Trump supporters.

    I'm an independent consultant. If I post hateful stuff all over the tubes and my clients see it, they almost certainly stop working with me. Same thing here. Trump is so far off the charts that he doesn't represent a difference of opinion to me, but something far more base. He and Thiel can have their free speech, but I'm certainly going to do what I can not to enable or amplify it.

    In hindsight, letting Thiel go would be bad for common sense because blah blah media bias martyrdom. So he can stay put and I'll leave instead. Happy with that.

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