An awesome “nude for all” underwear campaign

Lingerie company Naja released this amazing “nude for all” campaign back in May, but it’s still worth celebrating now too. Elle has all the details on the collection, which features bras and panties in seven different shades

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Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is a face for the campaign:


Naja is also revolutionizing the traditional lingerie manufacturing process by employing primarily single mothers or female heads of households in its factories. And the company pays them above market wages with healthcare benefits and flexible work policies. Plus Naja’s Underwear For Hope project employs poor women from Colombia to make lingerie bags and become “micro-entrepreneurs.” You can find more information and shop the Nude Collection on Naja's website.


Notable Replies

  1. If your underwear doesn't match your skin, it become obvious under clothing. At least some clothing. Even if you don't care about your underwear showing, you then have to be concerned about whether it matches what you are wearing or distracts from it. If your underwear matches your skin tone, then you can wear it with anything, anytime, and not have to think about it.

  2. Think of it as "commando" for introverts.

  3. To elaborate on @MissCellania's reply, a lot of women's clothing is made of very thin material. Chiffon, for some reason, is a popular material for work blouses. And it's not generally socially acceptable to go without a bra, but we also can't be obviously wearing a bra, because having any of it showing is "unprofessional" or worse.

    Basically, society wants us to pretend we're smooth like Barbie under our clothes, but doesn't give any woman darker than beige the tools to achieve it.

  4. Try having to wear it sometime; you'll really be confused afterward.

  5. You only forgot "And we stuck a completely random number on it for sizing. Or maybe a letter. Or maybe both!"

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