Facebookers defy Zuckerberg, form fake news "task force"

Days after Mark Zuckerberg called the idea that Facebook -- and specifically, the fake news circulated on Facebook -- had influenced the US election as "a pretty crazy idea," a group of "renegade" Facebook employees have formed themselves into a "task force" to tackle the issue, and have been warned by their managers that they may not speak to the press about this on pain on termination.

The employees declined to provide many details on the task force. One employee said “more than dozens” of employees were involved, and that they had met twice in the last six days. At the moment, they are meeting in secret, to allow members of the group to speak freely and without fear of condemnation from senior management. The group plans to formalize its meetings and eventually make a list of recommendations to Facebook’s senior management. Another Facebook employee said while the task force remained small, “hundreds” of Facebook employees had expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s stance on fake news in private online chats, and wanted to support efforts to challenge that position.

Renegade Facebook Employees Form Task Force To Battle Fake News [Sheera Frenkel/Buzzfeed]

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  1. This just in from the Hot News Desk: Facefuckingbook sucks! Video at 5.

  2. lrf says:

    Yeah, about that...

    (I apologize if this is a frequent topic of disgruntlement that is just as frequently shot down. I don't come here as much as I used to.)

  3. ugh says:

    So is this news real or fake?

  4. It's 2016, why doesn't everyone have Facebook Purity installed by now? Blocks all that crap, it's wonderful, I've turned my Facebook feed back into a place where I can see my friend's cat pictures.

  5. sosumi says:

    Reddit voting is all too easily gamed by scripts and bots, add brigading into the mix and it's a lose/lose situation.

    edit - @Phrenological, just who I was thinking of.

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