Tax Inspectors Without Borders: poor countries send each other ninja tax collectors to nail looting multinationals

This week on the Tax Justice Network's podcast (previously), they profile (at 20:40) the OECD's Tax Inspectors Without Borders, through which poor countries loan each other their most effective tax collectors to help catch the tax-dodging multinational corporations who drain the countries' economies -- and the organization transfers tax enforcement expertise in the process.

Tax Inspectors Without Borders is a relatively new agency, but it's already helped recover $250,000,000 for its participating states.

‘We would like to see a situation where we have helped developing countries to build and recover billions of tax revenue from multinationals that have woven circles around these governments,to build capacity and skills of those tax administrations to the point where the multinationals know that we have a level playing field whether you operate in Britain, whether you operate in Chad or in Bolivia, we want to see them practice in the same manner and pay the fair share of tax wherever they are operating from.’

Tax Inspectors Without Borders, US President Trump and Tax Justice: our November 2016 podcast [Tax Justice Network]

Tax Inspectors Without Borders [OECD]

Notable Replies

  1. Even cooler, they are hiring. I have to look at that.

  2. So this is why Trump wants to build a wall around the US, to keep out the tax collectors!

  3. It's a pity the US is too poor to afford tax collectors. I hear they used to collect, on average, twenty times their salary, but today we can't afford to have that revenue.

  4. Vert says:

    Inspecteurs des Impôts Sans Frontières doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as Médecins...

  5. Missile strikes suck. They're easier to evade when you're tethered to a briefcase rather than a hospital.

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